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Hints for brushing your teeth

Morning, noon, evening

It is important to brush teeth after each major meal, in the morning, at noon or in the evening.




Most commonly the following method is recommended:

Holding the brush such that the tooth brush head creates an angle of 45 degrees on the lateral side of the teeth (slightly pointing upwards for the upper teeth and slightly pointing downwards for the lower teeth, respectively), performing approximately 10 circular moves following the border line of the gums, by covering 2 to 3 teeth each time.

Then move the tooth brush further to the next teeth until all outer surfaces of the teeth are clean. Afterwards, the inner surfaces of the teeth first in the upper JAW, then in the lower one.

Finally, for brushing of occlusal surfaces lean the brush on them to create an angle of 90 degrees on these surfaces, performing 10 moves back and forth each time until all teeth are well cleaned on each side.