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The main subject of endodontology and the know how

Endodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the dental pulp and the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the dental pulp along with associated periradicular conditions.

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An endodontist is a specialist in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapies procedures - a dentist with additional advanced education and specialty training in the techniques and procedures in this kind of treatment, in greater depth, for diagnosis and treatment of the most difficult cases also including endodontic retreatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth, and treating dental trauma. For this reason, many dentists choose to refer their patients to endodontists.

Root canal therapy is one of the most common procedures. If the dental pulp becomes diseased or injured, endodontic treatment is usually necessary to save the tooth. In general, endodontic treatment or retreatment of the injured tooth is the main objective of conservative endodontics.

However, in cases where teeth cannot be saved only by endodontic treatment, an endodontic surgery performed by a specialist is recommended, the so-called apicoectomy. Other procedures of surgical endodontics include splitting a tooth in half to take away the damaged root or even the resection of one or more roots in teeth.