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Dental Laser

Evolution in the field

New possibilities for clinical treatment

The innovations in laser technology have opened new opportunities to dental science in clinical therapy by taking advantage of this technology. The usage is rather simple, the procedure painless, fast and easy, the scope of application wide, thus covering a wide spectrum of dental procedures providing impressive results and successful treatment.


Absolutely safe

Quickly and efficiently

Many of the oral surgical operations, especially in soft tissues, where lasers are used can be performed without any or little anesthesia. Furthermore, faster healing and much better bone regeneration is achieved thanks to their unique antimicrobial regenerating action on oral tissues. That's why periodontal treatments with lasers have clear advantages compared to conventional ones and also endodontic treatments are supported to be completed, even in one session, safer and more effective. Eventually, lasers can be applied in various fields of clinical dentistry - providing a simple pain relief technique or in cosmetic dentistry- with their most prominent application in teeth whitening.