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Teeth Whitening

A very simple method with

Signigicantly brilliant results

Τeeth discoloration may be caused by exogenous colorants (smoking, beverages like wine, coffee tea or cola as well as food with intense colour, i.e fruits like cherries) easily removed through dental cleaning or endogenous factors regarding the internal structure of the teeth (may occur after chronic use of mouth antiseptic solutions, injuries or use of pharmaceutical drugs during the stage of tooth development - for example tetracycline) that can be improved only through teeth whitening.

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Before and after a teeth whitening in our dental office

8 Tons brightest smile

Minimal Irritation

With only one treatment

Bleaching is the only safe, fast and effective conservative technique for the improvement of teeth discoloration achieving an natural and bright smile. Admittedly, it goes without saying that a dentist should be addressed to obtain the best result. Most widely a high content bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide) is applied on teeth at the dental clinic under the supervision of a dentist or at home, performed by the patient, following dentist’s instructions. In our clinic a combined whitening treatment is recommended of both techniques applied at dental clinic and at home respectively, can give the best, more effective longlasting results to meet our patients high requirements. The application at clinic is always completed in a single visit where at home requires half an hour of your time daily for a week. In any case professional cleaning of teeth before the procedure of bleaching, is necessary.

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In case of discoloration of tooth due to endogenous factors, this is treated with internal whitening - a technique applied to endodontically treated teeth. The whitening agent is applied at a space created in the interior of a tooth until the same color with the adjacent teeth is achieved.