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Oral Hygience

Oral Hygience

Three major factors

Keeping a high level of oral hygiene in connection with a healthy nutrition and regular checkups at the dentist are the three most important factors for safeguarding oral health.

Oral Hygiene

Healthy Nutrition

Regular Checkups

Methods of oral hygiene

There are several products on sale on the market. Your dentist will advise you on what is the most suitable and appropriate for you.

Regular and thorough toothbrushing with an appropriate tooth brush is the most effective way to remove bacterial plaque and food residues. Decisive hitherto is the mechanical action of your tooth brush on teeth and gums, therefore your tooth brush needs to be fully functional. Most commonly, it is recommended to exchange your tooth brush after 3 to 4 months’ use. Tooth paste plays an auxiliary role in tooth brushing, though providing elemental contents like fluoride or antibacterial agents.

Dental floss accomplishes tooth brushing by cleaning the narrow spaces between teeth as well as below the gums.

Small interdental brushes may be used alternatively to floss for cleaning spaces between teeth, spaces between or below prosthetics as as well as periodontal pockets.

Mouthwash is an additional product to support oral hygiene after tooth brushing. By no means would the use of mouthwash replace tooth brushing or flossing.