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Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

The permanent solution to tooth loss

The loss of a tooth causes a chain reaction that might have physical as well as aesthetic impacts. Most obviously, the gap in teeth is deemed unaesthetic, less obvious is a subsequent damage to the surrounding teeth due to an altered pressure while chewing or the limitation in nutritional behavior as more chunky food is perceived unpleasant. However, the probably most severe effect is not obvious: the loss of bone tissue caused by the gap.

Permanent Solution

esthetic solution

Advantageous solution

Traditional techniques of replacement may well solve the aesthetic impact, however these do not prevent the decline of bone tissue. In this respect, implants offer a convenient and advantageous solution to the loss of teeth. Collateral (the adjacent healthy) teeth do not need to be damaged by dental drilling, i.e. as in case of bridges, and the physical forces while chewing are transferred directly to the alveolar bone of the jaw, thus preventing further loss of bone tissue. By consensus, implants are the best solution to treat the loss of teeth. Implantation is nowadays a routine surgery of less than hour with excellent standards for amazing, longlasting results.